S-10 series standard features
1. All metal construction body ensure long year of rugged use and a good maintenance
of precise alignment.
2. Slide insert type of achromatic objective enable easy change of different power objective
(come as accessory to be purchased separately) for different magnifcation viewing. Full range
of accessory objectives at 1x, 3x, 4x, and 6x and optional widefield eyepiece of WF15x will
provide the user the benefit to upgrade their model at a small extra cost up to total
magnification of 90x.
3. Widefield eyepiece made of top grade optic glass and individually vacuum coated for best
optical effect.
4. Diopter correction on left eyepiece tube, interpupillary distance adjustment.
5. Rack and pinion coarse adjustment knob with built-in slip clutch mechanism preventing
damages caused by careless or overpowered turning. The precision Yu Lung design allows
easy and accurate three dimensional focusing at all magnifications.
6. Big 115 x 170 mm stage with 60mm reversible stage contrast plate
(one side black, one side white) and handy stage clips providing easy operation for securing,
if required, specimen for fixing position viewing.
7. Chemical resistant finish in white leather-stone baked enamel.
8. A pair of rubber eyecups is provided to prevent any glare interruption.


Standard set in each S-10 series model comes in with:-
Vertical tube binocular head which gives the user greater comfort and ease of use.
If comes in with three types of stand, Model S-10 P with no light stand and Model S-10 L
with incident light stand, Model S-10 2L with incident or transmitted light stand and
Model S-10 DL with incident and transmitted light stand. With a wide selection of
accessory eyepieces and objectives, it can cover total magnification from 5x to 140x.


Lens for S and ST series


Packing size: H32 x W53 x L72cm for 6 pcs. pack
Gross weight: (6pcs. pack) for all models

P- type base: 18kgs, L- type base: 20kgs
2L- type base: 22kgs, Dual type base: 24kgs

Design Change: The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in instrument
design in accordance with scientific and mechanical progress, without notice and without obligation.



S-10 series