Standard features of the BM2 Series:-
BM2 comes in with a choice of four different
types of head to fit in every individual need.
Model BM211 Monocular head
Model BM212 Monocular head dual tube
Model BM220 Binocular head
Model BM223 Trinocular head

Regardless of which model you choose, you will be happy to find the following standard features in all of the BM2 microscopes:-

1. Optics: Eyepiece and Objective
All BM2 Series comes in with a standard widefield WF10x eyepiece 18mm and four achromatic DIN standard objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (spring) and 100x oil (spring). Each objective is parfocality adjustable and free from axial and chromatic aberrations. The BM2 Series optics are a distinct class in itself giving high resolution, superior clarity and detail.
2. Nosepiece
Quadruple nosepiece, smooth yet rugged ball bearing construction guarantees long years of precise and dependable operation. All nosepiece is accurately parcentered ensuring the best and reliable result.
3. Stage
Mechanical stage is a standard feature rather than an accessory. The stage (130mm x 125mm) is equipped with low position coaxial controls for ease of operation. Precision engineering of ball bearing doveway asssurs a smooth and low resistant movement. The ball bearing mechanical stage provides a travel range of 70mm x 35mm in the X and Y direction respectively. Graduations are provided and the vernier will read to 0.1mm for accurate relocation of specimen areas.
4. Focusing
Low position coaxial fine and coarse adjustment is a standard feature on all models, ensuring precise focusing throughout the entire magnification range. Coarse focus tension is adjustable to suit the individual. A new feature, Focus Unit Control is installed in each microscope to prevent collisions between objective and specimen due to accidental stage movement. The BM2 Series microscopes have a lever that prevents the stage from moving beyond a safe limit once the specimen is focused. Moreover, when replacing speciments, only fine focus adjustments are necessary with the stage at its upper limit.
5. Condenser
The BM2 Series features a centerable 1.25 N.A. abbe condenser with rack and pinion mechanism that consistently provides bright and even illumination. Excellent image contrast and resolution can be easily obtained with the iris diaphragm and blue filter.
6. Illuminator
All BM2 model features a 6 Volt 20 Watt halogen lighting system that is completely built into the base and with a rotating variable light control permitting continual adjustment of brightness.

Packing Size :
BM211: H44x W31xL42cm, BM212, BM220 & BM223: H51x W42x L39cm
( 2pcs pack styrofoam case & paper box )
Gross weight :
BM211: 12 Kgs, BM212: 13kgs, BM220 & BM223: 15kgs
Electrical :
All electrical parts are arranged according to CE, VDE, UL and CSA requirements. Design Change : The manufacturer reserves the right to make change in accordance with scientific and mechanical progress, without notice and without obligation.

Model BM-211 Monocular head
Model BM-212
Monocular head du
al tube