M-100 series educational microscope is a range of advanced student use
microscope, with full built-in and optional features and excellent optical
quality at a very affordable price .


Precision Microscope M-series features:-
1. Sturdy, well balanced, aluminum die casted and rubber footed stand .
2. 45° inclined head with 360° rotatable head .
3. Highest quality prism (not mirrors) in optical path . Only the finest optical glass is
used to ensure the best optical result is achieved, locked in wide angle WF10x eyepiece
with built-in pointer is a standard feature .
4. All objectives, are of DIN standard, achromatic with high numerical aperture for
maximum resolution and always parfocal .

Achromatic DIN 4x objective N.A.0.10
Achromatic DIN 10x objective N.A.0.25
Achromatic DIN 40x objective(spring) N.A.0.65
Achromatic DIN 100x objective(spring, oil) N.A.1.25

5. Standard precision triple nosepiece, parcentred with positive click stop centration,
Quadruple nosepiece on ball bearing system can be ordered as option .
6. Easy and accurate focus by rack and pinion with lever type fine focus (except the
M-2F(A) and M-2FL(AL) series that come only with coarse focusing). Slip clutch mechanism
is built-in on the coarse focusing knob to prevent gear damage due to over-powered turning .
It also has a tension adjustable mechanism to fulfil each individual user own tension
requirement for maximum operating ease and pleasure .
7. Built-in 0.65 N.A.condenser on stage is a standard . A substage focusable spiral type 1.25 N.A.
abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and blue filter can come in as option for use with DIN
100x oil immersion objective .
8. Large aluminum die casted stage 115x120mm, constantly horizontal . Safety rack stop
prevents damage to slides and objectives.
9. Special design spring loaded locked on stage clips provide sturdy and easy operation during
change of the specimen slides. A movable specimen holder can be ordered as option .
10. Standard calibrated 5-holes disc diaphragm at 20mm, 8mm, 5mm, 4mm and 3mm or optional
iris diaphragm with filter holder .
11. Illumination system: A choice between 42mm mirror and fork or built-in illumination system at
110V/20W( UL approved ) or 220V/20W ( VDE approved ) with approved three wire ground electrical
system . The built-in illuminator comes with a standard blue filter and built in condenser lens
ensuring optimal light effect for comfortable and clear viewing .

Standard set in M-series comes in with:-
-45°inclined head with fully rotatable through 360°. Model M-200 with teaching dual head .
-Fully achromatic optical system with low reflection coated . -Locked-on widefield 10x eyepiece
with pointer .
-45mm DIN parfocal objectives are color coded 4x, 10x, 40x, spring retractable .
-Triple nosepiece with positive click stops .
-Safety rack stop prevents damage to slide and objective . -Built-in sliding clutch in the focuing
knob on both sides of stand ensures the risk in damaging precision gear, rack objectives and specimen .
-Fine focusing with 0.0002mm value of knob on both sides of stand for model M-100 and M-200 .
-Large 115mm x 120mm stage, acid and reagent resistant with lock-on stage clips and build-in
0.65 condenser lens.
-Calibrated 5-holes disc diaphragm.
-Light type 2FL(AL), 100FL(AL) and M-200FL(AL) built-in illuminator base with heavy duty
3wire cord and on/off switch.
-Grey, chemical resistant, back-on finish .
-With dust cover and in protected styrofoam case .


"F" & "A" type: Prism Head and Base are different configuration design .
"FL" & "AL" type: Prism Head, Base and the power switch are different
configuration design.

Packing Size:
H32 x W48 x L94cm (5 pcs pack )
Gross Weight: M-2 SERIES 19kgs, M-100, M-200 series 21kgs (5 pcs. pack)
Electrical: All electrical parts are arranged according to CE, VDE, UL and CSA requirements.